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Alan R Davison
Vocals & Guitar
Simon Quinn
Guitar & Backing Vocals
Ross Ballany
Neil McCarroll
Kenneth Knowles
Inspired by the release of Reckless in 1984, Belfast-born/Edinburgh-based
Alan R Davison originally planned to perform a Bryan Adams tribute over 20 years ago. The timing wasn't to be, however, so now Alan is revisiting the idea and the band, featuring Simon Quinn, Kenneth Knowles, Ross Ballany and Neil McCarroll, are putting the finishing touches to the set list which will quite literally be one hit after another...

First spending a couple of years in cover bands doing the pub circuit before joining his first original band on vocals, Alan moved from progressive rock act Marie Celeste to the heavier, longer-haired days of rock outfit Demise. Just before moving to Edinburgh in 1998 Alan put the wheels in motion for a Bryan Adams tribute to be performed in Belfast’s beautiful venue, The Empire, however the move to Edinburgh cut the project short...or at least put it on hold for quite a while!

Edinburgh opened up a huge network of musicians and venues and it wasn’t long before Alan had formed Underbelly (with Simon Quinn), a rock band that enjoyed a generous amount of radio play, press and live shows. After Underbelly he formed The Elements - a collaborative band made up of a mix of musical pals across other Edinburgh-based bands.


Alan continued between The Elements, whose performances include a live broadcast on ESPN and a track used for the ESPN FA Cup coverage in 2012, and solo performances including supports for fellow countrymen SNOW PATROL and ASH, Marillion front-man Fish and a showcase for Snow Patrol’s publishing label, Polar (with Johnny McDaid, Nathan Connolly, Gary Go, Foy Vance and Cairan Gribbin). During these years, with long-time friend and entertainment/management trooper Keith Easton, he also created Identity Parade - an unsigned showcase event, to great response.

Alan's debut album The White Eagle Lounge landed in 2012 - a huge collaboration with 35 musicians including Nathan Connolly and Tom Simpson (Snow Patrol), Rick McMurray (ASH), Mike Baillie (The Lonely Together), Alex Cornish, Paul Gilbody and Douglas Kay. Since then Alan has been performing solo shows, collaborations and has recently done a 7th Edinburgh Festival show performance with A Songwriters’ Circle.

Reckless is Bryan Adams' fourth studio album and went to No. 1in the UK in 1984 with six single releases: 'Summer of '69', 'Run to You', 'Somebody', 'One Night Love Affair', 'Heaven' and 'It's Only Love'. With world-wide recognition and high chart positions Reckless remains one of Bryan Adams' most successful albums and gained a placed in the Top 100 Rock Albums of all time.

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